Expert 24 has developed a sophisticated proprietary technology platform for the creation and deployment of complex clinical decision support applications.

The platform comprises two key components:

The power of this platform is primarily in its ability to offer domain experts an intuitive, easy-to-use tool for authoring elaborate decision logic algorithms and then automating the process of translating these algorithms into deployment-ready, complete software applications.

Key Features

These unique properties and advanced functionality enable the following benefits:

In practice, this enables Expert 24 to deliver and maintain sophisticated, highly customized patient and provider facing clinical decision support applications with unparalleled speed, agility, clinical integrity and non-disruptive mobilization.

Technology Deployment

Typically, Expert 24 technology is used to build and deliver web applications, fully accessible from desktop, tablet and smartphone devices. In addition, these applications can be deployed as native tablet and smartphone apps.

One of the key advantages of working with Expert 24 is the range, sophistication and ease with which its clinical decision support systems can be integrated with external data, applications and infrastructure.

In terms of the end-user interface, or ‘front-end’, Expert 24 can facilitate and work within a variety of circumstances, including:

Expert 24 tools can operate completely standalone or interface with external databases and applications, such as Electronic Medical Records or other relevant data repositories and workflow automation systems. Such integration is enabled by a suite of sophisticated APIs and web services that enable a seamless flow of structured, standardized data in both directions, in real-time.

All Expert 24 applications can be hosted by Expert 24, client or appropriate third parties, within industry-leading shared, dedicated or cloud-based hosting facilities.