Population Health and Personal Health Risk Management

Expert 24’s health and wellbeing risk management suite is the application of choice for those health plans and providers who want to deliver the most meaningful and clinically robust solution in the field. Expert 24 has totally re-engineered the health risk assessment, using advanced mathematics, the latest research and advanced expert system technology to create a superior user experience and generating real value to the organisation. It empowers users to clearly understand their health risks and acts as a powerful catalyst for behaviour change. For the organisation, it offers a deep insight into the state of health at the individual and population level, so facilitating targeted interventions. It can also be used by the organisation as an enrolment tool to get comprehensive, structured and calibrated medical history.

Special features

  • Suite of flexible modules: a range of modules to suit specific healthcare requirements and budgets, ranging from comprehensive health risk assessments, through to shorter health age calculators and  individual health condition or wellbeing topic risk assessments. These are supplemented by the availability of goal planners to support behavioural change programmes.
  • Superior user experience: easy, efficient and flexible to complete with no asking of duplicate or irrelevant questions
  • Precise risk calculation: risks are presented precisely as a percentage, not as typically available in high, medium or low categories, so allowing a clearer understanding of priorities and smarter choices.
  • Interactive results: users can select from a number of recommended changes and see immediately the impact on their health risk as it is recalculated
  • Insightful population reporting: comprehensive macro-reporting  available to identify in-depth the key areas of concerns
  • Scientific and reviewed: subject to rigorous expert clinical review annually by an independent panel of medical specialists, incorporating the very latest evidence as appropriate
  • Adaptability and customisation: the flexibility to customise the questions asked, offer multi-lingual options and the ability to adapt health risks for country specific considerations
  • Technical flexibility: delivered as a web based application, enabling highly flexible integration with IT infrastructure

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