Integrated Chronic Care

Expert 24 has created a unique and compelling platform to improve the management of those with chronic and complex conditions. Recognising that many such individuals have co-morbidities, the special characteristic of the system is the embedded intelligence within it that enables a single care plan to be implemented for each individual rather than the typical duplication of conflicting goals and interventions based on individual conditions. This significantly improves user experience and facilitates true integrated care management, as well as providing an efficient and differentiated platform for outsourced health management and primary care providers.

Special features

A fully integrated complex and chronic care management platform containing:

  • A core EMR functionality on a cloud-based platform
  • Intelligent, automated  goal setting and monitoring, enabling targets to be set for the circumstances of each individual rather than each of their conditions
  • Directed, smart, configurable workflows to ensure efficient and focused evaluation and care plan delivery
  • Authoring tools to create additional customized decision support content
  • Links to standardized code sets for all content (SNOMED, ICD-10, RxNorm)
  • Sophisticated ability to create patient lists through multivariable searches
  • Technical flexibility for external applications and EMR interfaces
  • Responsive, browser-based application that works across many devices and platforms

See how the Expert 24 platform improves outsourced medication therapy management.