Acute and Primary Care

Expert 24 provides a range of customised decision support applications to help manage those individuals with immediate health care requirements. Whether it is a primary care system wanting an integrated solution to support intake, diagnosis and treatment, a call centre to manage assessment and triage, or a web portal wanting to offer symptom assessment, Expert 24 can help. Common throughout is the consistent delivery of the very best medical intelligence at the point of care. The standardization of assessment, diagnosis, and treatment workflows for common problems enables “task shifting” – allowing practitioners with lower levels of expertise to consistently deliver higher levels of care, thereby releasing scarcer more senior people to focus their expertise on patients with more complex problems. This provides a major leap forward in improving the affordability, accessibility and quality of care.

Primary care solutions

A full suite of stand-alone or integrated applications for use in a primary care setting

  • Intelligent digital patient intake, helping inform the patient on possible conditions and directing to the most appropriate care. This module supports a superior patient experience and markedly reduces the time spent on data entry.
  • Provider facing portal suggesting the most appropriate investigations and potential diagnoses.
  • A range of evidence-based treatment protocols covering common conditions.

See how Expert 24 working with Stellenbosch University helped improve the management of childhood illness in South Africa.

Call centre assessment and triage

Customised decision support applications and comprehensive call-centre platforms for use in nurse or specialist call centre environments to provide effective and consistent evidence-based assessment, triage and management

Expert 24’s activities include:

  • Hospital’s nurse based call centre to advise potential patients and manage intake appropriately
  • Outsourced nurse based health manager to provide better and more efficient guidance on care
  • Specialist musculoskeletal health intake by administrators and physiotherapists to more cost-effectively manage care

Symptom assessments

A comprehensive range of applications to provide clinically robust advice on addressing clinical symptoms

  • Mimics a professional consultation, working on the principle of Bayesian logic
  • Provides the most serious conditions that cannot be safely excluded, other possible conditions, and advice on next steps
  • Incorporates a rich medical content library
  • Addresses over 90% of problems, including full algorithmic assessment of over 70% of enquires
  • Reviewed and updated annually by an independent panel of medical experts