At Expert 24 we work with some of the largest and most discerning healthcare organisations in the world, from health plans to primary care providers, from hospitals and health portals to outsourced health managers. Yet there is one thing that they all have in common and that is that they want to make a difference – they are innovators and want to change the way healthcare is delivered. Our clients recognise that current delivery models are not sustainable and need to be much improved. They want to address the challenges of the future and capture the opportunities, and as part of this, they understand the important contribution that decision support products can play.

That’s where Expert 24 comes in. By creating and mobilising the finest possible clinical decision support applications at the point of care, tangible benefits are generated for our clients, delivering significant improvements in the affordability, accessibility and quality of care.


Reduced costs and improved accessibility
through task shifting – enabling practitioners with lower levels of expertise to deliver the highest levels of care consistently and consistently, and releasing scarcer more senior clinicians to focus their expertise where it has most benefit. The contributions of nurses, physiotherapists and pharmacists for example can be much expanded.
Improved scalability
enabling speedier and clinically robust service expansion, without dilution of care.
Improved capacity and efficiencies
through digital front end engagement with the patient as well as through integration with EMRs and other health applications to eliminate the need for manual data input.
Improved health outcomes
through the use of the very latest clinical knowledge and evidence-based protocols consistently at every encounter.
Better clinical governance
with transparent protocols, improved delivery compliance and clear audit
Improved patient experience
through digital engagement, speed and transparency of outcome, and eliminating the need for duplicate questioning

Our Clients

Case Studies

The US Department of Veterans Affairs

Serving and honoring the men and women who are America’s Veterans

The Veterans Health Service (VHS) of the Department of Veterans Affairs needed a way of evaluating the very specific healthcare needs of their population, and to provide a service that allowed its patients to make personalized and well informed health decisions and enable them to have meaningful discussions with their provider.

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“The virtual expert toolkit made our suite of on-line health checks financially viable because we could build them so quickly.”

WebMD is the world's biggest healthcare brand in terms of volume, awards and recognition. WebMD had a large and growing backlog of assessments, and were concerned about the development and maintenance costs for each item.

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Group Health

First HRA integrated with EPIC Electronic Medical Records

Group Health represents one of the most respected health delivery and research organizations in the United States. They had their own award winning health risk assessment, however, their delivery platform had not kept up with their requirements. Even though it was a relatively new system, they found it expensive and slow to change and limited their development possibilities.

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Medication Management Systems (MMS)

The first implementation of the Expert 24 integrated complex care management platform, designed to make care intelligent, easier, and faster.

MMS is one of the largest providers of medication therapy management services and software in the world. Their sophisticated Assurance software platform had grown organically over 25 years to meet a wide variety of both internal and external customer needs, but this evolution had introduced considerable complexity and meant that the system was increasingly difficult to both learn and

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Expert 24 with Stellenbosch University

Better management of childhood illness in Africa through the mobilization of mobile decision support applications based on complex WHO guidelines

A social enterprise was established by Expert 24 to allow developing countries to leapfrog across the knowledge gap between doctors, health workers and patients. It is based on the Expert 24 technology platform and the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness guidelines by the World Health Organization/Unicef. Decision support of this level of sophistication is currently unavailable anywhere else in the world.

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